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Local Travel Terms - English Vocabulary

Tram - Tramway - Street Car - Trolley - a vehicle that runs on special electric rails that is used as a form of public transport

Metro - Underground - Subway - Tube - an underground train system that is used as a form of public transportation

Taxi - a car service that is to drive people around for a fair

Trolley-Bus - a bus that runs on electronic

Service Taxi - a big taxi/can that goes on a certain route that that picks up & drops off passages where they want

Exact Fare - roads that connect the states inside America

Pass - renting a car for a specific specific amount if time

Meter - a ramp on a highway that takes takes you off the highway

Transfer - a ramp that puts you on the highway

Connection - a fine that is given for a traffic violation or parking violation

Train Station - where the train picks up & drops off people & cargo

Bus Deport/Station - a building were you can buy tickets for the bus, and buses drop off & pick up passengers

Token - a special coin that is used for payment

Conductor - a person on the train that checks tickets

Train Platform an area of next to the train tracks that picks up and drops off passages & or cargo

Ferry Boat - a passenger boat that transports people & cargo across the water

Detour - a alternative route

Rush Hour - the busiest time of day usually during the morning before work hours & in the evening after work ours

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