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Car Travel - English Vocabulary

Gas Station/Petrol Station - were you get gasoline for cars

Repair Shop - a place were you get your car repaired

Service Road - a local road that runs parallel to a highway

Highway/Freeway - a fast road that is used for long distances that doesn't have any traffic lights

Tolls - money that you pay in order to use road, bridge, tunnel etc.

Interstate - roads that connect the states inside America

Rental Car - renting a car for a specific specific amount if time

Exit Ramp - a ramp on a highway that takes takes you off the highway

Entrance Ramp - a ramp that puts you on the highway

Ticket - a fine that is given for a traffic violation or parking violation

Mileage - the distance traveled in miles

Round About - a circle in the road that connects to a few roads that goes into different

M.P.H - Miles Per Hour

K.P.H - Kilometers Per Hour

Expressway a fast road that does not allow commercial traffic

Dead End - a street that does not go any where, a street that ends without an exit

Detour - a alternative route

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