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Verbs Relating To Eyes - Vocabulary

There are many verbs that we can use when we are referring to actions, that our eyes do.

Your eyes can perform the following actions:

see - I can see the sun.

watch - The teacher likes to watch the children play.

wink - When someone winks they close one eye.

look - People should look when they are crossing the street.

roll - If someone is not happy, than sometimes they roll their eyes.

open - It always hard to open your eyes in the morning.

close - When we sleep we close our eyes.

cry - I do not like to see people cry.

tear/water - My friend's eyes always fill up with water, and her eyes tear (drops of water come out of the eye).

squint - People squint (almost closing their eyes in order to try to see something better) when they are trying very hard to see something.

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