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Kinds Of Cold Drinks - English Vocabulary

Fruit Juice - any kind of juice from fruit

Vegetable Juice - juice made from vegetables

Nectar - usually a mixture of juice & water

Punch - flavored water & sugar

Ice Tea - tea that is cold

Lemonade - a sweet drink made from lemons

Ice Coffee - cold coffee usually with ice cubes or crushed ice

Mineral Water/Bottled Water - water that you buy in a bottle usually it is more natural less processed

Sparkling Water - carbonated water

Flavored Sparkling Water - carbonated water with a mild flavor

Sports Drinks - a drink that replaces water, electrolytes, & energy

Flavored Water - water with a slight flavor

Beer - an alcoholic drink

Wine Coolers - a drink that is make from wine, fruit juice and carbonated water

Soda - carbonated flavored water

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