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Speaking English

Different Ways To Say Now Speaking English

Right Away - I will come over right away.

Immediately - Please call the doctor immediately!!!

In A jiffy - I will do my homework in a jiffy.

Forthwith - Everyone get started forthwith.

Instantly - The microwave warms up food instantly.

This Minute - I am very busy, and I can't call you this minute.

Any Minute – The train will be here any minute.

Straightaway – The boss will take care of the problem straightaway.

Straight Off – My teacher told us straight off that the class is going to be hard.

Right NowRight now we are going to the doctor, and then we will see how you feel.

On The Double – OK, I want everyone to go home on the double(quickly).

At The MomentAt the moment the children are sleeping.

First OffFirst off,I want to start by thanking everyone for coming to this meeting.

Just NowJust now, I just received a phone call from Lori's teacher.

At Once – Let's get this party started at once.

Pronto – The girls will be here pronto.

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