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Different Ways To How To Ask For Help


No Way

Bad idea

Forget it

Go to hell

I disagree.

Consider this:

That is crazy.

When pigs fly.

I do not agree.

Not on my watch.

That is absurd.

I beg to differ.

When donkeys fly.

I do not think so.

You can’t be serious

Not in my life time.

I do not agree at all

Not no, but HELL NO!!

I’m afraid I disagree.

When hell freezes over.

Are you out of my mind.

I sure as hell hope not.

It's not going to happen.

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree.

If I could voice my opinion here...

I see where you're coming from, but...

With all due respect, I've always thought...

Asking Directions - Conversation

Asking Politely

Common Answers To The Question "What do you do?"

Informal Greetings

Phrasal Verbs with "Put"

I Have + Verb

He/She + Are + Verb

We Are + Verb

Informal Greetings

Formal Greetings

Cashier Expressions

Phrasal Verbs With "Get"

Different Ways To Say "Now"

Giving Directions To Someone On Foot/Walking

Facebook Dialogue "Rude Questions" - & Answers

Ways To Ask For Help

Ways To Say - I Disagree

Way to say "Cheap"

Ways To Say "Thank You"

Telephone Phrases

Telephone Dialogue

Leaving A Message

Telephone Difficulties

Telephone Words For Everyday

Telephone Conversation

How To Politely Say No!!

Meeting New People Conversation

Questions To Ask When Renting An Apartment

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