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Different Ways To Say Angry

Upset - The girls are upset, that they lost the game.

Pissed Off - Informal - I am pissed off, that I lost my job

Infuriated - The boss infurated her.

Enraged - The teacher was enraged, by what she heard on the news.

Irritated - I am very irritated, because the people next door are making noise.

Outraged - We are outraged, because the the store lost my wedding dress.

Mad - My brother was mad, because I lost his phone.

Ticked Off - The man in the stored ticked me off.

Annoyed - The phone company annoyed me.

Furious - We are furious, that we missed our flight.

Boiling - My mother was boiling, when she saw my grades.

Exasperated - We are exasperated, because our car is not working again.

Worked Up - The boss is worked up, because he lost the contract.

Aggravated - The news makes me very aggravated.

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