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Speaking English

How To Ask For Help

Could you please help me out with.....?

Would you mind showing me …..?

Is their any chance you have time to …?

Would you please explain to me …...?

Can you do me a favor please?

Please help me with ….. .

Is it possible for you to …..... ?

I was wondering if you could please show me how to ….. .

Do you have any free time on ….?

Do you know anything about ….?

I was having a problem with …... . Do you think you can help me?

If you don't mind, I could really use your assistance with …. ?

If you don't mind, I really need your help with …. .

I know your good with ….. , and I really could use some help.

I heard your really good at …. . Is their any chance you could help me?

Is their any chance you that you could give me a hand with ….?

I heard that you have a lot of experience with ….. , and I could really use your help.

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I Have + Verb

I Have + Verb

I Am + Happy To - With Voice/Audio

He/She + Are + Verb

What Are You Doing? - Conversation - With Voice/Audiio

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Formal Greetings

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Ways To Ask For Help

Ways To Ask For Help

Ways To Say Angry With Voice/Audio

Ways To Say - I Disagree

English Idioms With Red

Way to say "Cheap"

Ways To Say "Thank You"

English Idioms With Green

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Telephone Dialogue

Leaving A Message

Telephone Difficulties

Telephone Words For Everyday

Telephone Conversation

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