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Idioms Referring To Time 1 - Speaking English

  • At The Drop Of A Hat - to do something immediately
  • I do not like people to tell me to do something at a drop of a hat

  • Burn The Midnight Oil - to work till very late at night
  • Jenni, are you going to burn the midnght oil tonight?

  • Busy As A Bee - very very busy
  • My mother is alwasy as busy as a bee.

  • The Early Bird Catches The Worm - whoever arrives first has the best chance of success
  • I want to get to the store early, because the early bird catches the worm. I want to get the best sales.

  • Night Owl - someone that likes to stay up late at night
  • Jenni always go to sleep very late. She is a night owl.

  • Kill Time - finding a way to keep busy
  • We have to kill time, until the the bus comes.

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