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Telephone Conversation | Speaking English | English The Easy Way

Common Telephone Phrases for the Person Make The Phone Call (Caller) | Speaking English | English The Easy Way


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Requesting - Person

May I please speaker to......

I would like to speak with....(give name)

Please connect me to extension (say the extension (usually a number)

Can I speak to someone in the ..... (give the name of the department)

I am trying to reach... (state the persons name, department or extension.


Unable To Connect The Person You Want

Can I leave a message?

Do you know when .... (state the persons name) will be back/return/available?

Can you please tell me .....(state persons name) cell phone/mobile phone number? Please

Do you know where/how I can reach ....(state the persons name)?

Do you have a fax machine?

What is the number to the fax?

May I please send a fax?

Did you receive my fax? I sent it on (give the time/date)?

Asking Directions - Conversation

Asking Politely

Common Answers To The Question "What do you do?"

Informal Greetings

Phrasal Verbs with "Put"

I Have + Verb

He/She + Are + Verb

We Are + Verb

Informal Greetings

Formal Greetings

Cashier Expressions

Phrasal Verbs With "Get"

Different Ways To Say "Now"

Giving Directions To Someone On Foot/Walking

Facebook Dialogue "Rude Questions" - & Answers

Ways To Ask For Help

Ways To Say - I Disagree

Way to say "Cheap"

Ways To Say "Thank You"

Telephone Phrases

Telephone Dialogue

Leaving A Message

Telephone Difficulties

Telephone Words For Everyday

Telephone Conversation

How To Politely Say No!!

Meeting New People Conversation

Questions To Ask When Renting An Apartment

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