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Red Idioms

  • Red As A Lobster - a bad sun burn
  • She is red as a lobster, after a day at the beach.

  • Red In The Face - angry
  • My sister was red in the face, after she found her car was stolen.

  • Caught Red Handed - catch someone in the act
  • The kids got caught red handed with there hands in the cookie jar.

  • Redneck - a farmer or someone from a small town in the mid-west
  • I am proud to be a redneck.

  • The Red Carpet Treatment - to give someone special treatment
  • The president of America gets the red carpet treatment.

  • Not A Red Cent - no money
  • I do not have a red cent.

  • Red Eye - a early morning flight from New York to Los Angles
  • I am going to take the red eye on Thursday.

  • Red Herring - a negative clue to throw someone off track
  • I found out that that tip was just a red herring herring.

  • Red Hot - spicy food
  • That food was red hot, I can't stop drinking water.

  • Red Hots - spicy little red candy
  • I love red hots.

  • Red Tape - government bureaucracy
  • I have to go though so much red tape just to get my passport.

  • Red Meat - beef & lamb meat
  • The doctor told me not to eat a lot of red meat.

  • To See Red - to be angry
  • I saw red when I found out, I lost my keys.

  • Roll Out The Red Carpet - to give someone special treatment
  • What does she want me to roll out the red carpet.

  • Paint The Town Red - have a great time, party
  • We painted the town red, when I was on vacation.

  • In The Red - owe money
  • By the end of the week, I am always in the red.

  • Red Alert - a emergency situation
  • The fire department was put on red alert.

  • Red Blooded - a person that is pure something
  • I am a red blooded American girl.

  • Out Of The Red - to have gotten out of money problems
  • I am so happy we are out of the red.

  • Red Ticket Item - special item
  • That dress is a red ticket item.

  • Red Tag Sale - special sale
  • I love it when stores have red tag sales.

  • Red Light District - area with sex workers
  • There are a few red light districts in this city.

  • Red In The Face - cherry red – embarrassed
  • When fell on the stairs. I was red in the face.

Pack Rat

Pain In The Neck

Pick Up The Pace

Piece Of Cake

Pig Out

Pressed For Time

Potluck Dinner

Pull My Leg

Pull (something) Off

R And R

to Railroad someone

Rain Check

Raining Cats & Dogs

Rip Off

Rise & Shine

Rough Time

Run Out Of Steam

Run Out Of Time

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