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Learn English Phrases & Idioms With "dog"

    sick as a dog - feeling very very sick

      You look sick as a dog.

    raining cats and dogs – heavy rain

      It is raining cats and dogs out side, I hope the rain stops soon.

    fight like cats and dogs – consistently fighting with each other

      The kids fight like cats and dog all the time.

    it's a dog life – a hard life

      I work, learn and have to take care of the house, it's a dogs life.

    every dog has its day – everyone gets lucky sometimes

      Don't feel bad you lost the game, every dog has it's day.

    work like a dog – works hard

      The boys are working like dogs today.

    teach old dog new tricks – teach someone old, something new

      You can't teach an old dog a new trick.

    barking dogs never bite – someone that makes a lot of noise but takes no action

      They are just barking dogs that never bite don't worry about them.

    all bark no bite - someone that makes a lot of noise but takes no action

      The lady on at the end of the block is all bark no bite.

    underdog – the one that is weaker or less chance of winning

      I always want the underdog to win the Super Bowl.

    top dog – boss or leader

      Mary is the top dog of our team.

    a doggy bag – a bag that you put leftover food usually from a restaurant

      If you can't finish your food it's OK you can take home a doggie bag.

    his bark is worse than his bite – someone sounds worse then they really are

      Don't listen to that guy in the store his bark is worse then his bite.

    let sleeping dogs lie – do not bring up a subject that might cause trouble

      Don't talk to your sister about her house, let sleeping dogs lie.

    in the doghouse – usually is used when a man upsets his wife

      I came home late, and now I am in the doghouse.

    see a man about a dog - to leave and not say where your going

      Where is Jeff? He went to see a man about a dog.

    barking up the wrong tree - arguing with the wrong person

    That lady was barking up the wrong tree, I do not know anything about what she was talking about.

    call off the dogs – it is commonly used when someone is being yelled at or attacked by more then one person

      Hey, what did I do call off the dogs, and calm down.

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