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Capitalization Rules Titles

The general rules for capitalization of titles are:

  • First Word
  • Last Word
  • Adjectives - big, small, good, bad etc.
  • Nouns - Tom, teacher, book cat etc.
  • Verbs - run, walk, eat, sleep, play etc.
  • Adverbs - slowly, loudly, usually, finally etc.
  • Subordinating Conjunctions - as, during, while, so that etc.
  • Prepositions more than 5 letters - over, above, under, below etc.

Usually small words are not capitalized

  • Articles - a, an, the
  • Coordinating Conjunctions - and, but, for, nor. or etc.
  • Prepositions less than 5 letters - as, but, in, for etc.


  • Best Pizza in New York
  • Sam & Son Legal Services
  • Perfect Dog School in Town
  • Little Brown Dog Shop

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