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Present Verb Tense

Present Perfect Verb Tense

When is the present perfect tense used?

The present perfect tenseThe present perfect tense is also sometimes called the present perfect simple tense. The auxillary verb "have" is always used with the present perfect tense.

The present prefect tense is used in the following situations:

The exact time of the action is not known, we know about when something happened, but not the exact time.

  • I have been to New York.
  • We have been married a long time.
  • Have you gone to France?

Actions that are not finished, at the time of speaking/writing

  • I have not finished painting the house.
  • We have finished some of the work that we have to do, but we still have a lot more to do.
  • The bus has not came to pick us up.

When actions are repeated in the past, and are expected to continue to repeat into the future.

  • The prices of food have gone up.
  • You have came late all week.
  • We have gotten really good grades this year.

An action that happened in the past but has a effect on the present.

  • Keven has broken his arm. Now he feels better.
  • I have looked for my keys all over the place. I am not sure where I put my keys.
  • I am not hungry. I have eaten at work.

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