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Relative Clauses

A relative clauses is a type of subordinate clause.

Relative clauses are used:

  • to put additional information into a sentence.
  • to state who or what, is performing the action or what kind of person or thing is performing the action.
  • to connect to the main clause of the sentence with using words like: whom, which, that, whose etc.

Their are basically two types of relative clauses:

  • restrictive relative clauses -(also called integrated or defining relative clauses) - defining relative clause are needed to understand the statement.
    • Students who are not in their classrooms will be punished.
  • nonrestrictive relative clauses - (also called nondefining or supplementary relative clauses -
    • Student who are mostly in the 5th grade, will be punished if they do not go to there classrooms soon.

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