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Phrasal Verb

Go Over

Go Over - to look at something; to review something

  • The teacher told us to go over our exams.
  • I have to go over my bank account.
  • The boss needs to go over our work.
  • My mother needs to go over my homework.
  • My sister needs to go over the plans for her new house.
  • Did you go over the your medical records?

Ask Around

Blow Someone Away

Blow Up

Break Down

Call Around

Call Off

Catch Up

Calm Down

Chip In

Complete Loser

Dress Up

Eat Out

Fill Out

Get Along

Get Up

Hang Out

Keep Away

Keep Out

Kick Back

Look After

Look Out

Mark Down

Mix Up

Move On

Pass It On

Pay Off

Pull Off

Put Though

Run Into

Run Out

Stuck Up

Take After

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