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Phrasal Verb

Catch Up

Catch Up - to meet with someone at a later time

  • I will catch up with you later.
  • Do you think you will have time to catch up this week?
  • Did you catch up with your sister at school today?

Catch Up - to finish something that you fell behind in

  • I have a lot of work, that I have to catch up on this week.
  • Did you catch up on your school work?
  • We are going to catch up on our reading this weekend.

Catch Up - to get to the same position, place or level as someone or something

  • I can't walk as fast as you. It is hard to catch up.
  • We are trying to catch up with the bus, that is in front of us.
  • Can you catch up with the children? They run very fast.

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