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Break Down - Phrasal Verb

Break Down - when a car, truck, train or vehicle doesn't work

  • Did your car break down?
  • My car broke down on the way to work.
  • Our motorbike broke down on the way home.
  • The train broke down on the way to school. The girls are late for class.
  • The bus broke down with a flat tire. We had to wait for another bus.
  • I hope the bus does not break down. I want to get to my class on time.

Break Down - to get upset & cry

  • My sister broke down, when she failed her test.
  • My brother almost never breaks down & cries.
  • Women break down & cry more than men do.
  • My mother is a very strong women. She almost never breaks down.
  • Do you brake down often?

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