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Past Verb Tense

Past Continuous Verb Tense

What is the past continuous verb tense?

The past continuous verb tense, which is also know as the past progressive tense. The past continuous verb tense is one of four tenses that are used in the past.

The past continuous verb tense is used in the following situations:

  1. the action happened at a specific time
    • We were studying English yesterday at 10:00 AM.
    • I was sleeping yesterday at 11:00 PM.
    • The girls were playing till 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon.
  2. there was an interruption while performing an action
    • I was eating dinner, when the phone rang.
    • The dogs were sleeping, when someone came to the door.
    • We were sitting in class, when the fire bell rang.
    • My sister was watching television, when I came home.
  3. two actions that were happening at the same time
    • I was eating dinner, while John was doing the dishes.
    • We were listening to music, while we were doing our homework.
    • My dog was barking, while I was talking on the phone.

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