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"Clearly Misunderstood" - Oxymoron - English Vocabulary

"Clearly Misunderstood" - means someone totally did not understand something or someone

  • My sister clearly misunderstood what I told her!!!
  • I clearly misunderstood what was going to be on my test today.
  • My husband clearly misunderstood what I asked him to bring home.
  • The painter clearly misunderstand what color I asked him to paint my house.
  • My daughter clearly misunderstood me. I told her not to go out, and she when out with her friends.
  • The people in the store clearly misunderstood what I wanted to buy.
  • The taxi driver clearly misundersood where I wanted to go.
  • The people who work at the bakery clearly misundersood what kind of cake I wanted to buy.

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