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Types Of Nouns

What is a noun?

The definition of a noun is a word that is used to define a person, an animal or a living object, a place, a thing or a quality.

The different types of nouns are:

Common Nouns - any noun that is not something specific or someone specific; any noun that is not a specific name of something or someone such as cat, bowl, hand, tree clock, etc

Countable Nouns - any noun that you can count; any noun that can be used with a number such as 2 cars, 1 child, 4 Euros, etc

Uncountable Nouns - any noun that you can not count; any noun that can't be used with a number, such as water, rice, money, air, etc

Collective Nouns - a noun that refers to a group such as family, police, a forest of trees, a pack of dogs, a box of cookies, etc

Proper Nouns - nouns that refer to a specific name of a person, corporation, company, product, such as IBM, Microsoft, Mr. David Green, Dr. Mary Jones, etc

Concrete Nouns - are nouns that you can smell, touch, taste, hear, or see such as an animal, a window, a table, a computer, etc

Abstract Nouns - are nouns that you can't not touch, taste, hear, see or smell such as ideas and feelings such as intelligence, love, hate, bravery, etc

Types Of Nouns

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