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The Verb "Can"

How is the verb tense "can" used?

The verb tense "can" is used as both an auxiliary verb and a modal verb? Can is almost always used with a main verb.

The verb “can” is used to:

  • to request something
    • Can I have a book?
    • Can I have some money?
    • Can you come with me to the store?
  • to request permission
    • Can we go the trip?
    • You can come over today.
    • We can go into the house.
  • to state ability
    • Do you think the girls can do this work?
    • Can you lift up the boxes?
    • Can you win the race?
  • to state the possibility
    • I think I can help you today.
    • We think we the doctor will be can see us today.
    • The girls are pretty sure they can help you move on Tuesday.

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