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as..... as

as..... as - is used to compare the degree (amount) of two things, people, actions, situations or events

  • I want to be as smart as my sister.
  • Do you think boys are as smart as girls?
  • I like cookies as much as fruit.
  • Do you like living in the New York City as much as living in London?
  • We don't like store bought cakes as much as cakes made at home.

Have & Has Chart

Main Verb Tenses

May Have

May & May Have

Verb Groups

Auxiliary Verbs

Verb Tense "to be"

Verb Tense "to be" Chart

Future Verb Tenses

Modal Verbs

Modal Verb Rules

Verb Tense "Can"

Verb Tense "Could"

Verb Tense "Could" Structure

"Wishes" & Verb Tenses

"Wishes" & Verb Tense Chart

Verb Tense "Have"

Present Verb Tenses

Past Verb Tenses


There is & There are

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