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Common Conjunctions - English Grammar

Conjunctions - are used to connect 2 parts of a sentence

Here is a list of someone common conjunctions;

And - is used for common ideas; ideas that go together.

  • I like cake, and I like ice cream.
  • We like to learn, and we go to school.

Nor - is used for negative common ideas

  • I do not want cake, nor do I want ice cream.
  • We do not like to learn, nor go to school
  • But - is used for an exception or for something that stands out.
  • I like cake, but I do not like ice cream.
  • They like to learn, but they don't like to go to school.
  • Or presents an alternative item or idea ("Every day they gamble or they smoke.") Yet presents a contrast or exception ("They gamble, yet they don't smoke.") So presents a