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Confusing Words In English

Weather & Climate

Weather - describes the a short period of time such as a hour, day, week, month or season.

  • The weather is going to be really hot in New York, this weekend.
  • This year, the weather was really bad.

Climate - usually refers to long periods of time such as years, decades (10 years is a decade), centuries (100 years is a century).

  • The climate in Alaska is very harsh (hard).
  • The climate in the desert is dry, and very hot during the day, and very cold at night.


Please answer weather or climate

  1. How is the ______ outside?
  2. In Russia what is the _________?
  3. What kind of ________ do you want to live in?
  4. I want to live in a dry & warm __________.
  5. I hope the ________ will be nice when we go on vacation.
  6. The _______ was really bad last weekend.
  7. What is the ________ in the desert?
  8. Poler bears like to live in a cold _______ .
  9. Tigers like to live in a warm _______.
  10. Did you hear on the radio what the ______ is going to be tomorrow?

  11. Usual & Usually

    Unlike & Unlikely With Voice/Audio

    Used To & Use To

    Am Used To & Used To

    View & Watch

    Write & Right

    What & Which

    Where & When & Why

    Will & Would

    Weather & Climate

    Who & That & Whom & Whose

    Your & You're

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