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Commonly Confused Words

To & For

To & For - are used to show actions

To - is used to state movement or direction

  • Pleae give this book to Mary.
  • That girl is going to New York
  • I will give the money to my sister.
  • The girls bring food to the poor.
  • Please send the fax to me.

For - is used to state purpose or benefit

  • I am going to take my sister out for her birthday.
  • Do you have any money for me?
  • I have 3 beds that are for my dogs.
  • We are going to get a gift for my brother's wedding.
  • I don't have any extra money for ice cream today.

Tear & Cry

Tall & Long

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Tree & Three

Through & By

Though & Although

Through & Through Out

Then & Than

Trouble & Problem

That & Which

Toxic & Poison

There & Their

So & Too

To & For

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