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Story & History - Confusing Words

History – events from the pasts, facts or accepted theories, history must be fact based and not based on rumors or legends

  • In school children learn world history.
  • People like to learn about their history.
  • I really like to learn about different cultures & history.

Story – can be based on imagination, fiction (not the truth) or it can be facts or fiction that is based on facts

  • Children like to hear stories about big monsters.
  • I like to hear stories about different cultures.
  • Did you here the stories about the donkey & the children?

Speak & Talk

Say & Tell

Scared - Afraid - Frighten

See & Look & Watch

Should & Shall

Should & Could

Sick & Ill

Similar & Alike

So & Because

So & Too

Stationary & Stationery

Start & Begin

Story & History