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Commonly Confused Words

Begin & Start

Begin - the beginning of an activity or event

  • We are going to begin the activities soon.
  • Do you know when school begins this year.
  • What time does the game begin.

Start - is used when there are two steps or two parts in an action; it is used to state the specific time an action starts; start is also part of many phrasal verbs

  • What time does the game start?
  • We should start cooking now.
  • When will we start to eat.

Start & Begin - many times can be interchangeable (either word can be used)

  • Do you want to start/begin learning English?
  • Do you know when school begins/start this year.

Speak & Talk

Say & Tell

Scared - Afraid - Frighten

See & Look & Watch

Should & Shall

Should & Could

Sick & Ill

Similar & Alike

So & Because

So & Too

Stationary & Stationery

Start & Begin

Story & History

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