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So vs.Because - Commonly Confused Words In English

There are many people don't know when to use so and when to use because. I hope this page will make it easier for everyone to understand the difference.

The difference is so is used to show the results of an action, and because is used to show the cause of an action. It is really confusing because the two of them are so similar.

So – is used to show results of an action

  • I have to study all weekend, so I can pass my exam.
  • When I am upset I listen to music, so I can relax.
  • I want to learn English, so I can speak to people around the world.

Because – is used to show the cause of an action

  • I passed my exam, because I studied all weekend.
  • We are listening to music, because we are upset.
  • I can speak to people around the world, because I learned to speak English.

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