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Confusing Words In English

See - View - Watch

See, look - watch are words that are very closely related. These words are used in different situations. There is some cross over between the words, but in most cases the words each used differently.

See – is something that you do naturally without really thinking

  • Do you see a yellow car outside?
  • I did not see the cake in the closet.
  • I opened the door, and I saw the newspaper outside.

Look – make an effort to see something

  • Look at that blue bird in the tree.
  • Look at that car it is so cool. I want a car like that.
  • Look at the children playing outside.

Watch – usually something that you look at for a period of time

  • Do you want to watch a movie?
  • We are watching the children play.
  • I do not have time watch to T.V. now.

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