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Confusing Words In English

Ms - Miss - Mrs

Ms. - can be used for married and unmarried women

    I like my teacher Ms. Brown.

    I need to talk to Ms. Lisa about our class.

    Should we see Mr. & Ms. Byran about the house.

    Please speak to Ms. Lee the about phone bill.

Miss - used for young unmarried girls and women

    Miss Smith is our new teacher.

    Miss Jones is getting married next week.

    I want to talk to Miss Leah.

    Do you know where Miss Parra lives?

Mrs. - used for married women

    Mrs. Smith is our new teacher.

    Mrs. Brown has been teaching us English for over 20 years.

    Our teacher Mrs. Flowers just got married.

    Did you meet Mrs. Jones's husband?

Just Already Finish Still

Knew & New

Keep & Put

Latter & Later

Learned & Learnt - With Voice/Audio

Lose & Loose

Look & View

Mail & Male

Make & Do

Maybe - Perhaps - Probably

Ms. - Miss - Mrs. - With Voice/Audio

Morning & Mourning

Must Not & Do Not Have To

Borrow & Loan

By Now - Now - Now On

Over & Above

Out & Off

Out & Off Quiz

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