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Hotel & Motel - Confusing Words

Motel - is like a hotel but with the doors to the rooms are facing the parking lot. This makes it easy for travelers to go in and out. A motel is usually for people traveling by car & need a place to stay for the night. Motels are usually not expensive.

  • Do you think we should stop off at a motel on the way to Florida.
  • I am really tired of driving. I am going to stop off at a motel for the night.
  • We did not stay in a motel when we drove to New York.

Hotel - is a resort or a place where tourist stay, the hallway is on the inside of the building; a hotel may offer many difference services such as food, conference room, entertainment etc.

  • We are going to London for a week. I think we should stay in a really good hotel.
  • There are so many really expensive hotels in New York.
  • I have never stayed in a really nice hotel.

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