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Commonly Confused Words

Hear & Here

Here - refers to a location or place

  • Do you live here?
  • I live here.
  • Our car is here.
  • I really would love to live here.
  • Are you sure that the girls are going to meet us here?

Hear - is what you do with your ears

  • I hear the phone ringing. I do not want to answer the phone.
  • We always hear the dog barking.
  • I wonder if my kids hear what I say.
  • I don't hear the girls playing in the backyard.

Heat & Temperature

Have To & Must

Hot & Warm

Hole & Whole

Have & Has Chart

Heal & Heel

Hear & Here

Here & There

History & Story

Home & House

Hotel & Motel

Ill & Sick

Impress & Like

Injured & Wounded

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