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Commonly Confused Words

Figure & Figure Out

Figure Out – means to work out a problem

  • I want to figure out this math problem.
  • Did you figure out how to solve the problem with Tim.
  • My sister is going to figure out how to fix the car.
  • We figured out how to use the new oven.
  • The doctor figured out why I am not feeling well.

Figure – is used to refer to numbers or to an outline/shape of something or something

  • I want to draw a figure of elephants on the wall.
  • We look up at the sky, and we see animals figures.
  • How much are all the bills? When you get the figure let me know.
  • We saw the figures of someone hiding in the bushes.
  • We have all the figures that we need for the bank.

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Figure & Figure Out

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