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Confusing Words In English

Even & Some

Even - equal; the same amount ; an equal number

  • My sister and I always get an even amount of money.
  • The 3 classes do not have an even amount of students.
  • All the girls in my family have an even amount of chores to do.
  • The are more girls in my class than boys. The class is not even.
  • There are 3 blue books, and there are 3 pink book. There are an even amount of blue & pink books.

Some - a unspecified amount; not not referring to any specific number

  • I need to give some cake to the boys.
  • There are some boys in my class that have cars.
  • There are some green books, and some yellow book.
  • I need to get some food from the store.
  • I need some money.

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