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Commonly Confused Words

Make & Do - Quiz

1. We are going to ______ a cake.

2. We have a lot of laundry to _____ .

3. The children really know how to ______ a mess.

4. The teachers have a lot of work to _____ .

5. The is a lot of work that we have to ____ on the car.

6. We are not sure we should buy this house. We have a lot of thinking to ___ .

7. This is a really nice blanket. Did you it?

8. Jimmy go and ____ your homework.

9. The is bird trying to ____ a nest.

10. All the children in the class are going to ______ a party.

Cry & Tear

Change & Charge

Cold & Freezing

Cook & Cooker

Close & Closed

Cheap & Inexpensive

Cord & Chord

Believe - Cord - Depend

Could & Should

Defriend & Unfriend

Despite & In sprite Of

Do & Make

Do & Make - Quiz

Discover & Figure Out

Dull & Boring

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