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Count On vs. Depend vs. Believe - Commonly Confusing English Words

Count, depend & believe are three words that are closely related in there meaning,and can be confusing.

Count on – is to be able to rely or depend on someone or something – to know something is always going to happen

  •   I can always count on the dogs barking next door.
  •   We can depend on the bus being late.
  •   The girls can always depend on their parents to help.

Depend – to rely on/ help and/or support for someone or something – to trust someone or something

  • I depend on my parents for money.
  • We can not depend on the buses to come on time.
  • My sister knows she can always depend on me.


– to know something is true without any proof or evidence that it is true – to feel something is true because your heart tells you so

  • My teacher doesn't believe me, when I told her that my dog ate my homework.
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • I do not believe the lies some people tell.

There are some cases where the words are interchangeable (it does not matter which word you choose but there are case where it does). It is important you know the meanings of the words, so you can choose the correct word.

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