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Commonly Confused Words

Bring & Take

Take - to move something away from someone or something

  • I am going to take my dog for a walk.
  • Are you going to take home any food from the party?
  • Did you take the car to work or did you take the bus?
  • I do not want my sister to take my clothes.

Bring - move toward somebody/somewhere

  • Are you going to bring your brother with you?
  • Please bring me a pen.
  • I like to bring my dog to the park, so she can play with her dog friends.
  • My mother wants us to go to the store. She asked me to bring a few things home for dinner tonight.

Because & So

Begin & Start

Berry & Bury

Bear & Bare

Borrow & Loan

Born & Burn

Boring & Dull

Bring & Take

By & On

By & Through

Breeze & Wind

Belive - Cord - Depend

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