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English Grammar

Frequency Adverbs

Frequency Adverbs are adverbs that define how often an action occurs.

The most common way to use adverbs of frequency is to placed them before the main verb, except the verb "to be".

  • I always walk to school.
  • Our teacher sometimes gives us homework.

When the main verb  is the verb "to be", then the adverbs of frequency comes after the verb.

  • The bus driver is always friendly.
  • My teacher is never late for class.

Occasionally, frequently, usually, sometimes, and some other adverbs of frequency can  start the sentence.

  • Sometimes my teacher gives us lots of homework.
  • Occasionally the bus doesn't come on time.

It is possible to have adverbs of frequency placed after the main verb, such as occasionally, rarely, often etc.

  • Our teacher isn't sick often.
  • My mother yell rarely.

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