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English Grammar


Adverbs almost always answers the questions how?, when?, where?, how often?, and in what way?

  • The house is partly built.
  • The computer is working slowly today.

Adverbs can be used to define adjectives.

  • The company my father works for is generally successful.
  • There are a lot of people in the world that are shockingly materialistic.
  • The floor was always uneven, it has to be fixed.

Adverbs are used to clarify other adverbs.

  • The test was really hard today.
  • The trains came incredibly quickly today, I was so luckey.

Adverbs can answer questions such as How? What? When? Where? and What?

  • My mother always listens to the radio.
  • I have to study today.
  • People should exercise carefully.
  • The students and teachers work closely together on the project.
  • The kids are playing ball approximately10 meters from the house.
  • There are many people living closely together in the city.

Adverbs can come before the subject.

  • Occasionally , we go out for dinner.
  • Sometimes, our teacher doesn't give us homework.

Adverbs can be placed between the subject and the main verb.

  • The bus slowly moves thought the street.
  • The dog quickly runs .

Adverbs can come after the verb.

  • The people are treating me nicely.
  • The runners ran the race quickly.

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